ECOYA was born and nurtured on the shores of Botany Bay, producing fine soy candles and other body products. Founded on the promise of creating the best possible products, ECOYA uses only the finest natural bases and fragrant essential oils.

Delicately poured into a contemporary glass jar, capped with a silver lid and presented in a colourful box. Enjoy up to 80 hours of burn time.

Coconut and Elderflower – White coconut and caramel are combined with elderflower and immersed in a rich background of lime, bergamot, lemon and pineapple to create a warm, refreshing fruit cocktail.

French Pear – The essence of a crisp tree ripened pear is captures and blended with a hint of the creamiest vanilla. This sophisticated and rich combination is the infused with star arnise for a scent akin to freshly baked apple crumble.

Lotus Flower – A heavenly blend of white lotus flower is contrasted with deeper shades of vanilla and patchouli to create a warm and delicately spicy mix that is both sensual and relaxing.

Sweet Pea and Jasmine – Enchanting sweet pea and white Jasmine entwine to capture the very essence of floral elegance. Delicately uplifting notes of watermelon and cucumber add extra freshness to round out the composition.

Vanilla Bean – A velvety and rich, full-bodied vanilla bean extract is deliciously wrapped in creamy tones of butterscotch to create a rich, indulgent and luxurious fragrance.


Coconut and Elderflower, French Pear, Lotus Flower, Sweet Pea and Jasmine, Vanilla Bean