Creative & Romantic Ways to Give Flowers to Her

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14 Aug 2014  |  2 Comments

Giving flowers to the most important woman in your life, for any reason, can be an excuse for an event. It’s a chance to let her know you appreciate her and care for her. However, simply standing in front of your spouse and handing her a bouquet can easily take the spark out of the gesture.

So how do you give a bouquet of beautiful flowers to your special someone? Let’s take a look at some ingenious ways of giving flowers.

The Way to a Woman’s Heart is Gastronomically Challenging

Is she having a rough time at work lately? Ease the stress on your wife by starting her day right. An unexpected way to give her flowers is to serve them with breakfast in bed. Nothing would cheer her up faster than seeing a bouquet of seasonal, fresh, colourful blooms served with a cup of coffee and croissants to fill her hungry tummy.

If you can’t stop by the flower shop the day before, you can take advantage of our convenient flower delivery. Here at Flowers from Gan Eden, we provide speedy deliveries all around Melbourne. Place your order days in advance, or order it ahead and have it delivered on the same day. Surprise her with romantic, long-stemmed roses and comfort food. A perfect way to start her day.

Say Sorry with a Bed of Roses…Literally!

You might have been too engrossed in the football game to forget about your anniversary dinner at home. It’s a major mistake to forget about special dates, especially anniversaries and birthdays. Don’t endure another night on the couch and ask for her forgiveness. Call our flower shop in Melbourne to order a bunch of red, sweet-smelling roses. Pick them up from our shop, and while your wife is at work, get to work on her bed of roses.

You might want to add an adorable teddy bear and some fine wine to appease her anger. If you’re planning to add red candles for a more romantic vibe, avoid buying helium balloons as it’s not safe to put both products near each other.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Balloons and Flowers

When was the last time you sent her a handwritten note to tell her how much you appreciate her? Next time, don’t rely on greeting cards or pick up tired-looking flowers from general stores. Visit our shop and choose from our range of fresh and exquisite bouquets in Melbourne.

To add a youthful vibe to your gift, chocolates and balloons will complete the thought. If she’s picking up your child from school, get there before she does and surprise her with balloons, chocolates and adorable, fresh blossoms to let her know how lucky you are to be her husband. You might want to collaborate with the kids and let them carry the balloons for a cute touch.

There are a lot of ways to let your wife know how much you care for her. When words fail, let the flowers do the talking. Are you ready to make your special someone feel happy? Here at Flowers from Gan Eden, it is our pleasure to help you create the perfect gift for your loved one. Contact us and give your wife the most beautiful flowers in town today.

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